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You're a ninja... but not a very good one. 

You're skills are better than that of the average man, but compared to your comrades, you're basically the dojo janitor.  Follow behind your clan traversing a dangerous mountain and collect their lost shurikens. The journey may not be as intense as the one your brethren are on, but it is an important one...

Sit back and enjoy the journey. 

Listen to the calming beats of a lo-fi soundtrack as you run, jump, and collect through 15 different levels. You have the option to speed through and go for your best record time or to just relax and take your time, taking in the sights . 

You can play using a keyboard and mouse or a game pad (input specifically designed for an Xbox One controller). The main menu & pause menu must be navigated with a mouse but the rest of the game can be enjoyed however you please. 

*Controls can be found in the Options menu*

Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I use other game pads/controllers besides an Xbox One controller?

Possibly... This game was specifically designed around an Xbox One controller.  That doesn't necessarily mean other game pads/controllers won't work, but I haven't been able to test any other options. 

- Can I reset the Best Time?

Yes! Just mouse over it on the Main Menu and it will give you the option to reset it.

- Is this game finished?

For now, the answer is yes. If there is enough demand to expand upon this project then there is a possibility for future updates. Never say never.

- I have some ideas that I think can improve your  game, where can I make suggestions?

I'd love to hear from the players. If you have any suggestions/criticism, please comment below or find me on Twitter (link below) and message me! I love to talk games and game development

Where to find me.

For more about myself, development updates, and game announcements follow me on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out my other games right here on Itch as well!


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Shuriken Collector.exe 35 MB

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